Portable God

A sudden intake of air is followed by a squeal. “Mommy!!!” My baby girl calls my name and her feet do a dance on the mattress of her crib. She runs across the crib and grabs her bear, scooting back to the rail as quick as she can, lifting one arm for me to lift her.

She motions with her other arm wrapped tightly around her coveted animal. “Bear wif us,” she tells me. “Bear wif us.” She repeats herself until I assure her that bear can come “wif us” to get some breakfast downstairs…

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And would you allow me to ask for prayer? I’m preparing to go to New Mexico next week for a writer’s conference. I will be taking two book proposals with me. Would you pray for the following requests:

-Baby Grace is sick today. Please pray I am able to finish all preparations for the trip.

-Pray the rest of the family, including me, will stay healthy.

-Pray for God to go before me and prepare a way.

-Pray for His will to be done.

-Pray protection for me as I travel, but also for my family back home.

-Pray for my friend Amy, who is traveling with me. Her son has epilepsy. Pray for noseizures while she is gone.

Thank you sweet friends! I love you!


Holy Lightning

“Lord, please strike him with a holy bolt of lightening,” I prayed. “No real damage. Just enough to scorch him a little.”

Okay, so I don’t normally pray for my husband’s ruin, but let me explain what happened…

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Armor On

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I encourage you to sign up for the email on the Presidential Prayer Team website. This is an incredible site that will keep you in the know about politics and those who lead our government. May I encourage you to pray for our nation’s leaders?


Salad Bar Bible

I treat my Bible like the salad bar at Denny’s.

No, I don’t load it up with cucumber slivers and bacon bits. The thought of blue cheese drizzling over the gold-edged pages, pooling on top of, “I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob,” clearly makes me cringe…

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Sweet Talkin’ Ken

Have you ever wanted to program your husband to say the right things?

Imagine. You walk down the stairs for a coveted date night with the man of your life after spending hours choosing just the right outfit to disguise your left over baby weight. You’ve spent extra time putting on your “face,” even taking the time to Google some make-up tips and tricks. With your smoky nighttime eyes, you walk past your man looking down at your freshly painted toes, hoping he’ll notice your lids.

You twirl, pretending to look at the television, giving him a view of you from all angles. “Hey,” he begins, and you hold your breath –

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