When the Pain Causes You to Shuffle


“You okay?”

I watched the love of my life rub his knee and wince. Some seven weeks earlier, he was in surgery to repair his acl and torn meniscus. There was more damage on his knee than the doctor realized. The recovery was slow.

Letting out a slow and careful sigh he responded, “Yeah. I’m okay.” Only I knew he wasn’t. I knew he was in pain. I know when he’s mad. I know when he’s sad, and I know when he’s not telling the truth…

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Trusted and True


After the tornados in Oklahoma, someone shared a video on Facebook that had me doing the ugly cry. It inspired me to write about one of the attributes of God in my devotion today at the Presidential Prayer Team.

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Rescue Will Come


Have you ever been in a situation you couldn’t see out of? Overwhelmed? Not sure where to turn? Sometimes you have to know when to be still.

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