God, Grace, & Girlfriends Giveaway!!

It was pure jealousy that resulted in the new competition getting pushed out the window. But it was true friendship that brought him home again.

Yep. I’m talking about Buzz and Woody.

While Woody didn’t appreciate Buzz’s arrival, they soon realized they “had a friend” in each other. I find it funny that both Buzz and Woody were male toys because the jealousy factor is usually most prevalent in female relationships. Fingernail scratching, hair snatching…we can be vicious at times.

Have you ever struggled to find a girlfriend or group of girlfriends who you can always count on? Ones who always accept you for who you are, but challenge you, as well, to be more?

Mary Snyder did, and she has written an incredible book about girlfriends and combined it with grace and God to create a work that will leave you grinning. When Mary’s publisher sent me a copy of God, Grace, & Girlfriends, I couldn’t put it down.

Her book is divided into two parts. The first section is about finding friends. Sometimes, it’s harder than it seems. But Mary gives practical tips for creating lifelong friendships. Part two is my favorite. Titled Girlfriends, Gatherings and Getaways, it suggests lots of fun activities to do with your BFFs.

One example is to plan a Gardening Girls’ Day Out. Mary suggests you grab some pots, soil, and your garden gloves to spend a day in the dirt together. She provides an actual list of things you’ll need for setup and supplies. Then she offers some discussion questions to take your day out to a spiritual level. I love it! The gardening day is only one of many activities.

For actual getaways, Mary even provides a list of actual places that would be good options, with a description of each. This is a practical guide that I will return to again and again. For those of you interested in planning a full-scale retreat, she gives great details and lists about how to make it happen.

I teach the ladies Bible study group for my Sunday school class. God, Grace, and Girlfriends has given me lots of ideas and inspiration for planning some fun summer activities for the ladies. With such practical advice, this book is written in the light, often humorous, style, reading it feels like you are talking to a girlfriend.

So, here is some great news. Mary’s publisher has provided me with a copy of the book to give away! And because I want you to be able to spend time with your girlfriends, I am adding a $10 Starbucks card. Coffee AND a book. What could be better?

You will have the opportunity to earn multiple chances to win. They are listed below:
1. Leave a comment on this post telling me what you and your girlfriends like to do for fun. = 1 Entry

2. Pin this post to Pinterest. (You must let me know you’ve done it in the comment section or I won’t be able to count it.) = 1 Entry

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4. Sign up for my email subscription. (Be sure you activate the link after you get a confirmation email from Feed Burner. Once again, let me know you’ve done this.) = 1 Entry

5. Go to the May Service Calendar post HERE and print the calendar for your family. (You must let me know you’ve done it in the comment section or I won’t be able to count it.) = 1 Entry

6. Follow me on Twitter or Tweet about the contest. (You must let me know you’ve done it in the comment section or I won’t be able to count it.) = 1 Entry

7. Go comment on Mary’s post HERE and leave her an encouraging comment. (You must let me know you’ve done it in the comment section or I won’t be able to count it.) = 1 Entry

Okay, that’s a lot of ways to win. You can do one, several or all of them. Just be sure to let me know which ones you’ve done so I can count them as entries.

This contest will close on Friday, May 18 at 11:59 p.m. I will announce the winner on Monday, May 21.

*New Hope publishers did provide me with a promotional copy of the book, but the opinions listed here are my own.


32 comments on “God, Grace, & Girlfriends Giveaway!!

  1. I do not have any girlfriends that hang out with me but as a cheer coach I do spend a lot of time hanging out with the cheerleaders at the mall, its a mix of being the big sister and the mom. praying for God to open the door so that I may have girlfriends to hang out with

  2. What a great idea!! Love hanging out with my girlfriends from HBC! We love to eat because of course were Baptists! We love Mexican and Desserts!

  3. Entry by Facebook comment from Theresa Little. “Thanks for the heads up on a good book!”

  4. I like to hang out with my girlfriends at the coffee shop! Also, meeting for a quick lunch and shopping is always fun too!

  5. Comment from Charity Davis – “Who couldn’t use a few more friends?”

  6. Love just hanging out with my girls!! There is always fun and laughter.

  7. Catch up on life over chips, dip and maybe a little chocolate cake.

  8. I signed up for my email subscription today! This should be fun!

  9. Okay, you’re probably getting tired of me, but I just “liked” this site of my Facebook page. I hope my friends check it out.

  10. Did I mention that I downloaded the service calendar too?

  11. It’s officially “pinned” on my Pinterest.

  12. My girlfriends and I love to get together and have dinner and hang out chatting. Sometimes we head out on a road trip together–mostly to southern Indiana (we are from Indiana) and shop, eat and hang out some more.

  13. Commented on Mary’s blog. I love that I found two new websites today!

  14. Already subscribed but liked in Facebook and pinned!

  15. Hi Carol – My girlfriends & I usually get together over food, either eating out or them coming to my house to be guinea pigs for new recipes I want to try. Mary’s book is on my list of books to read & I enjoy reading her blog!