Parole for Christmas

I don’t know what I was expecting. World peace? The end of poverty?

But when I asked the six felons at the table around me what they wanted for Christmas, they responded in unison. “Papers!”

“Papers?” I naively asked…

Join me today at 5 Minutes for Faith to find out what my prison friends really wanted for Christmas. Click HERE to read the rest of my devotion. Then leave me a comment and tell me what you want for Christmas.


I’m also posting for the Presidential Prayer Team today. Come see what we can learn about prayer and tears from Nehemiah. Click HERE to read my devotion.

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Persistent Plea


“Please! Please! Please!”

How many times have you heard that around your house lately? After giving it some thought, I’ve realized there is something to be learned from our children’s persistent pleas. Yep! You guessed it. They are spoiled rotten!

Just kidding. There is something else to be learned we can apply to our spiritual lives. Join me today with the Presidential Prayer Team to find out. Click HERE to read my devotion.

Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season!

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Mercy Over Judgement

Have you ever prayed for God to zap someone? I’ll admit I have. Remember the Holy lightening I prayed to strike Alan?

Well, it’s not exactly a great idea. If we look in God’s Word, we can find a perfect example of choosing mercy over judgement. Join me today at the Presidential Prayer Team website where I talk about a Bible great who models a merciful heart. Click HERE to join me.

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And finally I want to wish a big happy birthday to my favorite person in the world – my husband, Alan. I wouldn’t be able to write if it weren’t for him. He provides me the opportunities to do so and gives me his full support. I’m so thankful for him. Happy Birthday Alan! I love you!


You’ve Been Blessed! {printable poem}

Last week, my girlfriend Amy Wyatt and I were trying to create some Christmas ideas to do with our families for the 25 days of Christmas. We wrote down things like bake cookies, go Christmas caroling, and make salt-dough ornaments. But we also talked about things we could do to share Christ with others this year. Amy suggested going as a family to the grocery store to buy canned food for the food pantry at church.

I loved the idea of getting my kids involved in reaching out to those around us. As we talked, we remembered at Halloween how “the spirit of Halloween” came through the neighborhood and “Boo’ed” people. People rang our doorbells after dark and left a bucket of Halloween goodies on the front porch.

We decided to take that idea and use it to spread Christ in our neighborhoods. Instead of being visited by a ghost, an angel will hop from house to house to “Bless” people, just like they visited the shepherds that first Christmas. We will fill stockings with goodies and leave them on the doorsteps of unsuspecting neighbors. Along with the stocking, will be a little poem about Christmas AND the Christmas story straight from God’s Word. The recipient will also get directions about how to keep the blessings going throughout the neighborhood.

We would LOVE it if you would join us and start the blessings in your neighborhood! What a great way to share Christ with the people in our own backyard. I’ve written the poem and directions for you. You can download it for free.

Click HERE to download poem and directions.

You can customize your “blessing” to make it your own, but here are some ideas for inexpensive items to put in your stocking:

-Bag of candy

-Small candle

-Christmas napkins

-Hot Wheels

-Christmas pencils


-Christmas sprinkles

-Fun cupcake papers

-Children’s book

-Christmas dishtowel


-Fun earrings

-CD of Christmas music

You can make your stocking generic or customize it for a particular family.

I hope you enjoy blessing your neighborhood, but most of all, I hope someone is moved by God’s Word in a powerful way. I’m praying that for each of you. I’d love to hear if you decide to start this in your neighborhood. Let me know. Merry Christmas!