He is Faithful or Why I’m Not Buying Colin a New Coat – repost

If you’ve been a reader of mine for a long time, you will recognize this as a repost from a few years ago. Originally posted January 4, 2008. (Because we definitely aren’t wearing coats here this week. Colin has been begging to wear shorts!!)

My seven-year-old son hates cold weather, and he hates coats. Or at least he hates the coats we have for him. As our warm Georgia weather changes from fall to winter, we must trade flip-flops for fleece. My poor son has been forced to wear a heavy coat. He doesn’t mind the occasional sweat jacket but cannot stand anything heavier. While shopping last week, I glanced at the jackets thinking if Colin had one he liked, I wouldn’t have to hear fussing and crying on super cold mornings. We, indeed, did find one to his liking, but I didn’t buy it. I told him I’d think about it.

Since then, he has begged me to go back and buy it. He has a really heavy coat but doesn’t like it because he says it’s too puffy, and he can’t move. So, we’ve forcibly agreed (Me doing the forcing. Him doing the agreeing.) on wearing a too small coat from last year that is, at least, the right weight. Meanwhile…

I have been praying about a need in my life I really want God to meet. I know He could just wink in my direction and POOF! Need met. But as much as I’ve prayed, there has been no winking and no poofing around here. It’s not like I’m asking for a golden mini-van with a home theater in the back. I’m asking about an honest need. Still, God has been silent. Until yesterday. Until I was reflecting on the coat. And God said – Yes, I could poof your need away, and to tell you honestly, I would like to. But then you wouldn’t have really learned anything. Just like Colin, you would think that you always got what you wanted just for the asking. I want you to have a strong faith. Know that I will provide. I AM JEHOVAH-JIREH. The Lord will provide.

I am thankful the Lord takes time to teach one so insignificant as me. And through Him not answering my prayer, He is teaching me:

1. to fully depend on Him.

2. to be thankful for what I have – I have been blessed with so much.

3. to be humble – no one wants to learn this lesson, but we all need to sometimes.

4. to be patient.

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thes. 5:16-18 NIV

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23 NIV

I’m holding on to the promises; He is faithful.

Do you feel God is silent about something you have been praying about? Keep praying and keep listening. He may be telling you to wait. Write down either one or both of these verses and claim them today. Call to JEHOVAH-JIREH. He will provide.


Use Me, Lord and Contest Winner!

My grandmother changed my life. Not by teaching me to crochet, although she did do that. Not by showing me how to can fig preserves or roll up cinnamon rolls, but she did that, too.

My life wasn’t changed when she taught me the value of saving pie tins, bits of fabric scraps, Cool Whip cups, the bags from the outside of the newspaper, milk jugs, or even butter tub lids. Grandmother helped to change my life with three little words…

Want to find out what they were? Join me today at 5 Minutes for Faith. Click HERE to read the rest of my devotion. For those of you who know me personally and attended my grandmother’s funeral in October of 2009, you may recognize some of this as what I shared that day.

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And now for the winner of the Valentine Contest!

First let me tell you why MY husband rocks! I met my husband, Alan, in high school. He was the tall, handsome, some-what quiet boy that sat next to me in Trig class. We’ve grown up together. My husband rocks because he has put up with all my immature and crazy antics as we’ve grown.

But he REALLY rocks because he is a man of God. I could never be more proud of how he has allowed God to use him. And he loves me in that same sacrificial way that Christ loves the church, which often means giving me the last bite of his cheesecake or candy bar or the last three M&M’s. He lets me pick the movie or the restaurant. He always sits in the seat with the breeze so I will be warm. He lets me warm my frozen toes on his legs.

And it doesn’t hurt that he is heart-stopping handsome, either. Just saying. That’s why MY husband rocks!!

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Comment number 15 belongs to Jennifer King!!! Jennifer, I will contact you about getting your gift certificate. Thanks to everyone who left comments. Have a great weekend!


One and Only

I moved up against the wall so she could get past. “Granny, do you want to sit there?” the lady behind her questioned pointing towards the seat I just left. Granny didn’t answer. She just rolled on by, headed straight for my chair.

“Mrs. Hatcher?” the receptionist called again. “Here. I’m here.” I called from my spot against the wall. The older woman slid her walker past and her companion followed.

I picked up my insurance card from the receptionist and found another seat while I waited for the nurse to call me back.

I was sure I was the one and only who sat waiting that long for my appointment.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the two women sit close and talk. “You look pretty. I’m glad to be here,” the companion told what I assumed was her mother. The elder leaned close. Her mouth moved, but I couldn’t hear the words. Her daughter replied with a smile. “I missed you, too. But I’ll be here the next three days. We’ll have fun. Won’t we?” And she patted her knee three times. Pat. Pat. Pat.

The younger of the two must have been in her sixties. She moved to take off her coat, and I noticed her clothes. She was wearing colorful scrubs. This woman wasn’t her daughter at all. It was her nurse. I smiled then thinking about the excellent care this woman must have been receiving.

The next fifteen minutes in my doctor’s office waiting room, I was completely intrigued as I watched the interactions between these two women. The nurse ran her hands over her patient’s hair smoothing it into just the right place. She patted her leg as they waited, and smoothed her hands over the elder’s wrinkled fingers, twisted from arthritis. She continued to talk as she dug through her purse for a nail file and smiled at the people around her as she smoothed the rough edges on the hands of one whose eyes had seen the Great Depression.

“She’s ninety-four. And sharp as a tack,” the nurse shared with the lady across from her. Then she turned to grin at me, nodding her head as if to say I’m telling the truth.

“Mrs. Hatcher?” The call drew me out of the waiting room and on with my day. As I drove home later, I couldn’t get the ladies out of my mind.

It was a visual representation of the way Christ cares for me. He draws close when I speak, not missing a word. He knows the hairs on my head and smooths my rough edges. My Lord is happy to be with me. He pours Himself over me attending my every need. He acts as if I’m the single most important one around. He whispers that I am His one and only.

But I know He whispers it to you, too.

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows. Luke 12:7 NIV

***If you haven’t entered the Valentine contest, go leave me a comment on THIS post.


Valentine Contest with a Giveaway

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This is the mission statement for Union 28:

To encourage marriages and to honor the sacred covenant between a husband and his wife by communicating a positive image of marriage in a fun and stylish way.

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