Lost Game System

My daughter’s hand-held gaming system is lost. And yours probably is, too.

I don’t mean we can’t find it. I mean it doesn’t know Jesus. Now before you half of you send me emails telling me how gaming systems don’t have a soul, and the other half of you tell me how your gaming system was saved at an early age, let me explain myself…

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Don’t Play with Matches

“I can’t find the thing,” I spat into the phone. “Which thing?” my husband questioned me. “The thing. The thing! The thing that tightens the car seat!” My patience thin, I shouted into the phone while my husband tried to explain how to install my daughter’s car seat…

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Prayer for the New Year

The ornaments and trimmings are all packed away. The signs of Christmas no longer blinking and twinkling. All that remains is a basket of well wishes.
Each card represents a bond. A love shared between friends and family.
Piled high in the basket, they are too precious to toss away with the wrapping paper and dried out cookies. Some greetings came with faces smiling back at us, others individualized with a swirly name. Each sent with love.

I make the decision to keep them – in my heart and in this basket. And each week, we will choose one, taking turns picking the family or friend. All week, we will pray for them. That specific family or individual represented on the card will be lifted high to the Father.
We will pray for good health and peace, for a close walk and provision for the new year. My middle child slips her hand in the basket and pulls the strings connecting another family to ours.
This one is close to our heart. It’s family – a forever bond.
She holds the card close and smiles at the faces looking back at her. I hear a giggle as she notices the puppy. I think of praying for good health and dog biscuits and giggle a little myself.

And so our journey of prayer begins with this one family. I’ve counted to know the cards will take us to the month of December 2011. A full year of prayer.

I am thankful for the many loved ones represented and realize I’m starting the year off with a gift.
I am blessed.
May God bless each of you in the coming year as well. Let’s pray together.
Dear Lord, please walk close by each of us as we embark on a new year. Lord open our eyes this year to show us where You are at work and give us the boldness to join You. Please provide for our needs in the coming year; those we know of and those in which only You can be aware. Give our family health and strength. Father, let this be the year we make a difference for You. Let us be no longer content to sit by and watch. Use us, Lord! Show us where You would have us to go. Draw us closer. In the most precious name of Jesus, Amen.

I love you all!