How Bad Do You Need It?

My husband needs a haircut.  Sorry, honey.  But you do.  He was going to cut it over the weekend but the haircut place he usually frequents closed down.  He walked back in the house with hair carelessly dangling over his ears. 


“Why didn’t you go to the other haircut place across from the mall?” I questioned him. 


“Too much trouble,” he offered while the hairs danced around his ears and stuck out their collective tongues at me.


Sunday morning as we rode to church I glanced at the handsome driver of our mini-van, but all I could see was hair.  Hair needing to be cut.  I sat thinking he should have gone to the trouble.  He was looking wooly – in a ruggedly handsome manner of style.  But he needed a haircut nonetheless. 


“You really need to get your haircut,” I tossed out.


“Yeah, I know,” he said cutting his eyes at me in a daredevil kind of way.


He obviously didn’t see the need as great as I.  I would have planned a babysitter, driven across town in traffic, and waited forty-five minutes reading the latest haircut magazines all in efforts to cut my locks. 


Do I treat God the same way?  How much effort do I put into finding time to meet with the Father?  Do I pass on my time with him because my schedule didn’t line up just right?  Maybe I say, “Too much trouble.” 


Or do I make time with Him?  Do I put aside everything else and jump through hoops to find time alone with my Maker?


I do both.  Some days, I do jump through hoops, and I am always blessed and leave Him looking beautiful.  And on other days I say “Too much trouble,” not with my words but with my actions.  And guess what?  I walk around with menacing hairs galloping around my head.  They tell all the world NOT of the places I have been but of the places I haven’t.    


So, if you see my husband, nonchalantly offer him a haircut coupon.  If you see my Father, tell Him I’m coming I just have to get through some traffic to get there.



Hello, my name is…Part 4

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Of course, she thought and glanced at the clock, I’m going to be late for my shift.  Her fingers anxiously tapped the steering wheel as she stared at the light and began to wonder why it was even red.  The streets were deserted.  She waited.  And stared, until her eyes fell on a big LED billboard just as it changed.

 Looking for a place to call home?


Sunday Services 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.

44 W. Pike Blvd.

Her heart stopped in her chest and then raced.  She wondered if she was having a panic attack.  She stretched across the seat reaching for a scrap of paper and a pen.  Keeping one eye on the traffic light she riffled through the scramble of purse contents on the floorboard.  Jotting down the church information on the back of her doctor’s appointment card, she convinced herself all of this was coincidence.  Nevertheless, she double-checked every detail with the sign before it changed again. 


 Sunday morning, she awoke before the alarm clock went off.  I’m not going.  I mean why should I go?  Well, what if none of this was a coincidence.  What if He is real?  Hello? God, did you hear that? She stayed in bed having a one-sided conversation in her head until the alarm bleared.  She jumped up and got in the shower. 


Thirty minutes later she was drinking a Coke and eating stale crackers in the car on the way to the church.  The church was easy to find.  She’d seen it before just never paid it much attention.  Last Christmas people were dressed like Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds standing out in front of this church in a homemade stable with a spotlight.  She wondered why anyone would stand out in the cold by choice.


Before she could dust the crumbs off of her lap, a man greeted her in the parking lot.  He startled her actually; she was so caught up in her thoughts. 


“Good morning, and welcome to Christ Calvary.  My name is Herb.  Can I help you find where you’re going?”

“Umm,” she stammered not knowing what to say.  She wasn’t exactly sure what she was doing there or where she was supposed to go.  What was she going to say to him?  Hey, I think God asked me to come.  Do you know where I can find Him? 


“I’m not really sure where I’m supposed to go.”


“Well, this is the Bible study hour.  After that we’ll have a chapel service.  Can I show you to a Bible study class?”


“Sure,” she managed, wondering again what in the world she was doing there.


“I’m sorry,” Herb chatted amiably, “I don’t think I caught your name.”


“Oh,” she kept getting caught off guard.  “Hello” she thrust her hand out, “My name is…Amber.” 

To be continued…


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Tag! You’re It!

Tag! You’re it!  Remember playing tag as a kid?  I used to play every Sunday night in the front yard of the church right after the service.  The painted black handrails served as base.  If you could make it to the rails, you were safe.  But it never failed that someone would make his or her way to base and never leave.  Granted, they were never tagged out, but they were also never really in the game either…

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Catching Birds


“Come back here!” I scolded my son as he darted across the Wal-mart parking lot.  “But, Mommy I almost caught one,” he told me referring to the tiny birds always found hopping between the cars looking for cast-off French fries and other tasty morsels…  

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Was Jesus a Democrat or a Republican?

Pick up a newspaper. Flip on the television. Surf the Internet. No matter where you go, you cannot avoid it – politics. Everyone has an opinion and freely shares it…

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